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US Jobs

Do I need a US Job Offer?

US Job Offers are not mandatory however we recommend all participants to actively seek a job prior to departure. Approximately 23% of J1er’s have a job arranged before they leave for the USA.  US Job Offers are now mandatory to any citizen from a Non-Visa Waiver country. Citizens from countries within the Visa Waiver program are listed below: 

Andorra Australia Austria Belgium
Brunei Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
Finland France Germany Greece
Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy
Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Portugal Malta San Marino
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Korea
Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom


Can I work in any job that I find?

J1 students are entitled to be employed in most jobs within the US. The majority of J1 students end up finding employment in the tourism, sales or administration industry. There are, however, a number of industries that J1 students are prohibited from working in.

These include:

  • Au Pair, Mother's Helper, Child Career, Nanny, Babysitter, Maid or other jobs of domestic nature in private houses
  • Child Care of any kind
  • Medical Services (medical interns or anything involving hands-on therapy, counselling, administering treatment or making diagnoses of medical, psychiatric or psychological patients)
  • Veterinary Science (making medical diagnoses or administering treatment to animals
  • Teaching as Language teacher or Teaching assistant or full-fledged trained teacher
  • Beauty Therapy jobs, including massage, hairdressing, manicurist positions or any jobs involving 'hands-on therapy of any kind
  • Camp Counsellor
  • Crew member on ship on airplane or as pilots.
  • Certain Casino Positions
  • Pyramid-selling
  • Employment with a Staffing agency
  • Commission only positions
  • Adult Industry positions
  • Positions involving any start-up fee to the participant or with a travelling concession business
  • Construction sites
  • Removal companies
  • Fishing Industry
  • Office work
  • Employment that could be deemed as an internship position

You are also not allowed to work in any unpaid position nor work in any position that offers less than the state minimum wage. See HERE for listings on each state.

How can I find a job before going?

SAYIT will provide a jobs listing database in the J1 Lounge.

Can I change my job while in the USA?

Yes but the Programme Regulations require participants to inform InterExchange by registering details of their new employment with SEVIS within 10 days of the change of employment. InterExchange will then 'Vett' the position and you can begin work when it is approved.

Can I have more than one job?

Yes. You can have as many jobs as you like. Each position must be vetted by InterExchange before you begin work.

How long do I have in the USA to locate a job?

You have 30 days from your DS2019 start date to locate a job in the USA.