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Social Media Terms of Usage

Welcome to J1.ie and SAYIT Travels Terms and Conditions of Usage for Our Social Media Platforms.

When we refer to the term 'social media' we are referring to our Websites, Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Google+ & Linkedin.

In order for all users to interact and enjoy our online forums in a friendly and transparent way, we just have a few rules that we would like our fans, followers and users to be aware of.

Our social media is an important part of our company network for making sure that all everyone who accesses our company information can share information, comments, questions and experiences in a safe and fair way.

To ensure that this is maintained we will continually moderate all content published on our sites and remove and/or report and misuse of these platforms for the following:

•  Any kind of sexist, racist or ageist descrimination
• Spam: This includes comments of a commercial nature or links
• Any content which is obscene, indecent, misleading or unlawful.
• Any third party links to webistes that have not had agreed approval
• We do not permit any personal details such as phone numbers or addresses
• We do not permit files or links to downloadable files

As social media is such a fast and changing platform, we do reserve the right to amend our terms of use at any time in order to keep our platforms user friendly and accessible.

If you do share any images, video or information with us, by posting this you grant us permission of us to use this content in our marketing, although rest assured we will always contact you to advise you of our intent to use the content.

We here at SAYIT Travel cannot be held responsible for opinions given by people on our community pages, but if you have any concerns you can always contact us directly on enquiries@sayit.ie.

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