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SAYIT Camp America

Summer Camps Program

Watch camp counselors talk about their experience:


What Is The Summer Camps Program?

The Summer Camps Program is the best thing anyone aged 18-28 can do with their summer. Your job description is craic control! It is your task to inspire American kids and represent your country in an unforgettable cultural exchange, all while strengthening your CV.

You will be thrown into the wild and out of your comfort zone, making friends for life from across the globe. After camp, leave with well-earned cash and a month's travel to spend it on!

You wont know yourself after your Summer Camps experience! Click the Camp America logo to apply now:

Make new friends from across the world

The bonds formed between the staff on camp means you become like family! You'll rely on each other, you'll work hard together, you'll laugh together, you'll learn together and ultimately you'll share the summer together. There'll no doubt be a mixture of personalities, backgrounds and nationalities which is what makes camp so great, however you will all have one thing in common - the desire to do this type of experience!

Most people are nervous about doing Camp America on their own, but as soon as you get to camp you're never alone! So whilst you might arrive not knowing anyone, you'll leave with a group of new best mates!

Employability Skills

The great thing about working on a summer camp is that whilst you're having an amazing summer doing something  fun and exciting, you'll also be benefiting your future at the same time! Camp America is recognised by employers and academic institutions across the world, so it will be a great addition to your CV and make you a stand out applicant. Not only will it demonstrate that you had the drive to do something different with your summer, but it will also show independence, responsibility and ambition.

Camp enables you to become a role model, a leader and a team player - perhaps without you even noticing! You couldn't gain all of these skills in a normal summer job, so by taking part in the programme you're not only going to have an amazing time, you're also helping your future too!

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