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What is The Summer Camps Program with Camp America?

The tradition of Summer Camps in the USA is one of fun, learning, making friends and creating memories for both the children and the counselors. We find jobs for camp counselors in more than 1000 summer camps throughout the United States. These summer camps are designed to help children mature socially, emotionally, intellectually and morally by providing them with a structured environment where they can live and play with positive role models. This role model can be YOU! 

You have the opportunity to be part of this and help children to:

  • Learn about themselves
  • Gain confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Learn to be part of a team

You will learn as much from the children as they will learn from you! Being a camp counselor at summer camp is an invaluable experience and you can have a positive impact on children's lives.

Is the Summer Camp Program for me?  

Well, do you.....

  • Like working with children and encouraging them to learn a new skill and have fun?
  • Enjoy being outdoors?
  • Have an open mind?
  • Like meeting people from around the world?
  • Want to travel around the USA?
  • Have a skill or passion such as soccer, swimming, music, art? The list goes on!

Then absolutely YES, the camp counselor Summer Camp USA program is for YOU.

About Camp America

  • Established 50+ years
  • Works with 1000 summer camps around america
  • Employs 8000 people to work in summer camps each year
  • Summer camp employees come from over 25 countries worldwide
  • Official J1 sponsors with the US State Department

About SAYIT J1

SAYIT (incorporated into Shandon Travel) is Ireland's leading travel agent, offering something for everyone! We've been specialising in 18-35's travel for over 40 years with a team of incredibly knowledgeable and experienced agents. SAYIT J1 has been offering the “J1” for the past 21 years. We pride ourselves in offering the most personalised J1 service available. Some of our staff are previous J1 participants, so the new crop of travellers can benefit from their experience and knowledge. You couldn't be in any better hands to guide you through the Camp USA program. 


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