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Answering YES to all of these questions determines Program Eligibity:

  1. Am I outgoing, cheerful, flexible and reliable?
  2. Am I highly motivated and committed to working at least nine weeks from May/ June to August?
  3. Can I stay away from civilisation for extended periods with very limited access to my phone?
  4. Can overcome homesickness?
  5. Can I fly to the U.S by the 20th of June at the latest?
  6. Will I be at least 18 years of age and at most 28 years of age by June 1st?
  7. Please note - in line with US government regulations, anyone entering the US must be fully vaccinated against COVID 19.

REMEMBER: To work as a Camp Counselor you DO NOT need to be a student.

You can also fit within at least one of the following categories:

  • Youth Workers (Examples: Volunteers, YMCA, Daycare workers etc)
  • Specialised Skills, experience in a specific skill (Examples: Tennis Coach, Sailing Instructor, Lifeguard Cert, Arts & Crafts, Musical instrument, Orienteering etc). 
  • Employed as a Teacher (Just qualified and need more experience for your CV? Becoming a Summer Camp Counselor is perfect for you)
  • College students (any form of third level education)

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More on skills and experience:

The skills and experience you need to have should be relevant to the activity areas that you want to work on at camp. If you want to apply to teach activities to children then you will be applying for the Counsellor role where there are plenty of activity areas you could be hired in.

Depending on your hobbies and interests there’s bound to be a skill area on camp that you could teach but you need to have the knowledge level and confidence to be able to teach this to children. So it could be in, sports, drama, music, outdoor adventure, media, performing arts, water sports. Any experience in food preparation, maintenance work or housekeeping would be valuable for a Campower role. Due to visa restrictions only students who are full time students can be offered the Campower role.

If you’re applying for the Counsellor role then every camp will be looking for example of childcare experience on your application. So it’s important that whilst your applying you try and get as much experience within childcare as you can to help your application stand out from the rest. Whether this is voluntary or paid positions and with any aged children, the more experience you can demonstrate on your application the better. You don’t necessarily need to have any formal childcare experience to take part and apply for the Campower role.

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