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Personal Information Personal Details

In this section please answer the questions below in relation to your personal details.

Please drop the 0 from the leading 086 = 86 or 077 = 77

Passport Details
Criminal Convictions
Next of Kin

Who would you like us to contact in the case of an emergency?

Please drop the 0 from the leading 086 = 86 or 077 = 77

Booking Information

We ask you not to block off too many dates as we are restricted by limited embassy availability. Appointments can not be changed free of charge without written proof from college/doctor.

Insurance Information

For any potential claim that you may submit during / after your J1 in the USA you will be required to submit your private health insurance details. By providing this information at this point will serve to expedite and reduce claims costs in the United States. Please check the Insurance section for more information.

Flight Information Outbound Flight

You may not arrive in the US earlier than the 15th May

Inbound Flight