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How to apply

You will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Secure an Intern/Trainee position with a host company in the US. Please see the 'Finding a Placement' section for useful information and resources on finding suitable placements.
  2. Contact us on 0214279190 to discuss the details of your internship/ trainee-ship and we will send you on the details to fulfil your online application.
  3. Once you and your host company have submitted all the relevant forms, documentation and relevant payment, InterExchange will review it and advise, if required, any amendments or additional documentation needed to complete your application.
  4. Please note that your employer may be subject to a site visit by our sponsor InterExchange. US Department of State Regulation require that J1 sponsors conduct site visits of companies with fewer than 25 employees or less than $3 million in annual revenue. There is a one-time $250 fee charged to these companies to cover the cost of the visit. Companies previously visited by InterExchange Career Training USA and government offices are not subject to this fee/ requirement.
  5. If your evaluation has been successful a DS-2019 will be issued on your behalf and returned to you. Once you have received your DS-2019 form from InterExchange, you will be able to schedule your Embassy Interview appointment.
    Please note that while InterExchange will endeavour to meet all deadlines and flight dates we cannot be held responsible for money lost due to the purchase of restricted tickets; please keep this in mind when reserving flights. We recommend that you do not book your flights until after you have finalized your embassy interview date. You should leave at least 10 days between your interview date and your flight departure.
  6. Prior to your interview at the US Embassy you will need to complete online a DS-160. 
  7. At the interview your forms will be checked and your J-1 visa will be issued should everything be in order. Be advised J-1 Visas are issued solely at the discretion of the US Embassy. InterExchange does not accept  any responsibility should you be denied a visa.



  • Please note that InterExchange will no longer work with companies who have no website page and in which the supervisor does not have a company email address. Yahoo, Google, Hotmail, etc. email addresses are not acceptable.
  • Please do not send any applications for the following types of companies: convenience stores, grocery stores, pool companies, staffing agencies, customer service/ phone operators, and salons/ spas/ grooming companies. Further, all internships involving patient/ child care, teaching, or social work are strictly prohibited.
  • Public Administration/Clinical Activities: The Department has further clarified that direct patient contact/care continues to be prohibited. However, programs that fall under the Public Administration category such as youth services are now permitted. Social work of a clinical or medical nature continues to be prohibited. Education, teaching, and child care remain unacceptable for this particular visa.
  • Hospitality & Restaurant Management Programs: InterExchange no longer sponsor business programs in hotels or restaurants. Individuals wishing to intern or train in a hotel or restaurant MUST have the appropriate educational or occupational background in the fields of hospitality or restaurant management. Students with these backgrounds may certainly be exposed to business functions as these are part of the management operations of such establishments, but individuals who study or work in the field of Finance or IT, for example, will not qualify.
  • J-1s at Schools and Universities: InterExchange will no longer sponsor candidates who want to intern/train at a school or university, even in non-teaching roles.


  • Interviews, Training Location, # of Employees: It is the host employer’s responsibility to complete, verify, and sign the Host Employer Agreement Form and the DS-7002 Training/Internship Placement Plan. They must also conduct a documented interview of their prospective intern/trainee and verify this information on the agreement form. Also, the agreement form, training plan and workers compensation documentation must all correspond to the actual location where the internship/training program will take place. Finally, the number of employees listed on the host employer agreement form MUST correspond to the actual location where the intern/trainee will be working. Employers must have sufficient staff to provide an intern/trainee with continuous supervision and training. Full-time Employee to Intern ratio to at least 5:1.
  • Change of Training Location: At no point may an intern/trainee work for any employer at any address other than what is on the DS-2019 Form. If you place an applicant with an employer and need to change the training location or if they want to work for another employer, please contact us immediately. Candidates working anywhere but at the location and for the employer listed on their DS-2019 are in violation of the program. It is absolutely essential that the data recorded in SEVIS is accurate. If you have moved a candidate without our knowledge or permission, please notify us immediately. This applies even if the employer is the same but the address has changed. SEVIS data must be 100% correct at all times.
  • Translations: Any document that has been translated MUST be accompanied by the original. Failure to submit originals will hold up the application review and may result in a rejection.
  • Signatures: Please note that the IP address of the computer is registered for both the applicant and employer.  Each applicant and employer are signing their names to the terms and conditions of the program and it is absolutely essential that they have read and understand their responsibilities and obligation on this program.

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