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Virginia Beach

Read SAYIT's advice on and contact information for accommodation and J1 summer job hunting in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

Virginia Beach is a popular 28-mile resort city located in Virginia. A broad walk covers three miles of this beautiful seafront and is covered with hundreds of shops and restaurants. Resort Area and Sandbridge/ Pungo would be the best areas for students to locate for the summer. Virginia Beach is the place to spend your summer if you love nothing more than sun, sand and sea. 


Accommodation is quite expensive in Virginia Beach and it is advised to begin your search as early as possible. The average monthly rent can range anywhere from $800-$1200. Angies Guest Cottage is a reliable option and can be contacted on +1 800 822-3224 or email http://www.beacheventsfun.com/.  

For more information regarding accommodation please check these links:

Job Hunting 

The broad walk is great spot to find work as there are numerous businesses located here. With the influx of tourists throughout the summer, extra staff are always needed. 

See https://www.careerjet.com/ for more information regarding jobs.

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