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Read SAYIT's advice on and contact information for accommodation and J1 summer job hunting in Wildwood, New Jersey, USA.

Located on the New Jersey coast, Wildwood is a resort city with a 2-mile long broad walk alongside the seafront. The infamous Sightseer tram car runs along the broad walk which is covered with countless shops, restaurants and thrill rides. The beaches in Wildwood are the only beaches on the east coast which are said to be continually growing with some spanning to 100 feet wide in places. 


Accommodation is best found by walking around and asking. Wildwood Crest is the nicest area to live in. Finding accommodation in Wildwood is generally not a problem, it is recommended to use real estate agents, if you find a real estate agent that you wish to use, you can check their creditability with the Chamber of Commerce.  For a list of Real Estate Agents, the following websites contain listings: 

Job Hunting 

Morey's Piers is an amusement park that regularly employs Irish J1ers for the summer. Morey’s Pier is the biggest provider of jobs for J1 students. www.moreyspier.com . They employ a huge number of staff every summer so you're pretty much guaranteed a job if you get in touch with them early.

Morey's Piers are also great in helping their employees sort out accommodation.                                                                 

You could also try Wawa for work, they employ Irish people. They will give full time positions and offer subsidised rent for Irish students, www.wawa.com

There is also a demand for chambermaids as there are a huge number of hotels and motels in the Wildwood area. This work will generally only last for the morning hours, which leaves you plenty of time to work on your tan on the beautiful beaches in the afternoon.

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