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Read SAYIT's advice on and contact information for accommodation and J1 summer job hunting in Yellowstone, USA.

Yellowstone is one of the world's first national parks, and America's very first! If you are interested in the outdoors and want to spend a summer exploring mountains, forests and lakes, then this is the place for you. Yellowstone offers one of the world's most famous and exciting natural spots to live and work. You will be surrounded by stunning scenery, crystal clear lakes, breath-taking waterfalls and amazing wildlife! You can find the legendary Old Faithful geyser here, as well as countless more hot springs and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

Weather: The weather in Yellowstone is variable. In the summer, the temperature will reach about 25 C, yet, this can drop considerably if a storm rolls through.  Bring a range of clothing options, including a warm jacket and rain gear, even in the summer.

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Why Should You Come to work in Yellowstone? 

  1. Cheap Housing

Most people working in Yellowstone get provided with accommodation in a dorm. You can find information about the accommodation here. No transportation needed to get to work - walk there in 5 minutes. There is free wi-fi in most dorms. Most laundry facilities can be used free of charge.

  1. Meals provided at minimum cost

There is an employee cafeteria that will provide three meals a day (all you can eat). It is based on hours worked. 

  1. Working in the world's first National Park! Beautiful mountain scenery, hiking, camping, and world-class fishing. This location is a photographer's paradise with abundant wildlife (bear, elk, buffalo, deer, wolves, moose and more). 

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You will live in one of seven villages, scattered around 152 miles of the Grand Loop Road. Each location (village) has at least one hotel or lodge, restaurant(s) and gift shop. Three locations offer Horse Corrals. Almost every location has interpretive tours that go into the park by bus, vintage touring car or van. Most locations have an employee recreation hall, which typically houses facilities for sports (basketball, volleyball, table tennis), along with weight and exercise equipment.

Most locations also have recreation staff on site who schedule activities such as interpretive hikes, shopping trips to town, movie night, open mic night, talent contests, educational programs, and game nights. That's a lot of fun in one place!

You'll also find league sports through the recreation program. Softball league is serious business around the park, with all employees welcome to play regardless of natural talent. It's all about having fun.  

As a park employee, you may join one of the scheduled tours at no cost. Tours guides are entertaining, informative and make your time worthwhile. They know more about Yellowstone than the average bear, and welcome anyone who wants to learn more about Yellowstone.

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