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5 Useful Mobile Apps You'll Need On Your J1

It seems the reoccuring topic of a lot of our blogs is all about organisation. Being organised in every aspect is vital to ensure you have an amazing summer. 

With that said, here are 5 useful mobile apps that will assist you in some shape or form during your J1:

1. GasBuddy: A must-have if you choose to travel during the last few weeks of your J1, especially if you choose to do this by renting a car. This app provides a very detailed map of all the gas stations in North America, along with their prices. Trust me, you'll need it when you're on what seems to be a never-ending highway in the middle of the Arizona desert. [FREE]



2. Sunscreen: Whether you like it or not, there's a strong chance that the American sun is going to turn you into a lobster. Considering the heat of the summer sun all over the states, this nifty little app will calculate the UVI rating of your current location; then once you input your skin type and lotion SPF, the app will provide you with a countdown timer until the next time you need to slap on your sunblock. [FREE]

3. Tipulator: Tipping culture is very important to waiting staff and bartenders in the USA. This little app is really quite simple. It tells you exactly how much you should tip based on your bill, which you can choose to increase or decrease yourself based on the actual service provided. I'm not saying you're all incompetent with simple maths, but the app could come in handy when there's a big group of you splitting the bill. [FREE]


4. YPlan: This app takes note of your location and provides suggestions and info on upcoming local events such as concerts, special club nights etc. This is handy if you don't want to
see your irish J1 neighbours heading out to a gig and thinking "Why didn't I know about this?". [FREE] 

5. Bonjournal: This app allows you to record your amazing experiences in sleek fashion. If you want to have a written diary along with some photos shared to your friends on facebook, put out in PDF form or emailed to your mammy; then BonJournal is a must have [FREE]

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