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Tips to get your own job

It's never too early to start your job search. With continued changes and restrictions being introduced by the US State Department, make your J1 process as smooth as possible and find that job now. Remember that you are competing against J1 students and local students for those prized jobs.

4 helpful tips to help you get that job


1. Destination

Where you go is going to dictate what type of work you're going to pick up. J1ers are seen as seasonal workers so you need to pick a destination that offersyou temporary work that will last until at least Labor Day weekend. You are going to be competing against other J1ers (even your friends) and US students, so pick a busy US vacation spot when you are choosing.


2. Search for jobs now

Seasonal locations usually close down after Labor Day weekend for the autumn and winter, and this is the time that employers start planning for next year. So don't be surprised if jobs for next year are showing up on job websites and Craigslist already. Take advantage and start applying NOW.


3. Update that CV

The US format of the CV (résumé) is quite different from the standard Irish type. You will find an example HERE. You should only put relevant information related to the position you are applying for in your résumé. Therefore you should complete a variety of CVs to cover each type of job you would like to get. A résumé template can be downloaded HERE.


4. References, references, references!!!!

US employers love them. So if you're working in that bar, restaurant or local shop to put yourself through college or to get you out partying on that all-important Tuesday night, now is the time to work your heart out to get a glowing reference that will cement that US job next year.

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